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Actually, we need quite a bit of magnesium, as it is vital to our bodies. It is one of the seven macro-minerals that are essential to bodily functions. This group also includes calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, chloride and sulfur, and all need to be consumed in relatively large amounts each day. 

Hot! Hot! Hot! It’s a great song, but it’s not so great trying to keep cool when the temps are in the 90s. I try my best, though, and I’d like to share a few ideas that have really helped me and my family keep cool in hot weather.

No, not the movie kind. The vampires I am talking about are the hard-to-see little bloodsuckers that can give you Lyme disease: ticks...

From misplacing your keys, to remembering what you’re doing in the kitchen, to what you learned for your test the next day, we all want to have good recall, no matter what age. And my clients frequently ask me “What can I do for my memory?”  

One never knows in New England when Mother Nature will decide to let up on the snow and start spring in full swing. You can count on this though…
As you read this, March has arrived, and even though there is still snow on the ground, the official start of spring is not far off. And when the crocuses pop their heads through the snow, you’ll know that real spring is right behind them...

Your heart works without conscious command, doing its job without you a giving it a thought. It beats in your chest every second, every minute, 24/7/365, form the moment your born, and will do so until…

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