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Learn the benefits of natural and holistic solutions.

Explore whether you can reduce your intake of manufactured drugs.

Develop an individual treatment plan for your needs and desires.

Our resident RN & herbalist, Carmina, can help you choose which remedies are right for you and guide you on your way to a more-natural life.

  • • In-store Walkthroughs Available Upon Request
  • • 1-hour Sessions Require Appointments

The Beauty
of Being Natural

Natural remedies have kept people healthy for thousands of years. It is only recently that processed foods & medicines have been added to our lives. Natural & holistic solutions share many of the benefits you can get from a manufactured drug, but without the side effects and processed ingredients.

Give us a call, send us an email or visit us in the store and we’d be happy to assist with whatever you need.

You can go natural
to treat these

Women’s Conditions

PMS - Irregular Periods - Painful Periods - Heavy Bleeding - Hot Flashes - UTIs - Vaginal Dryness - Low Libido

Men’s Conditions

Erectile Dysfunction - Impotence - Low Sperm Count - Prostate Problems

Pain & Injuries

Back Pain - Arthritis - Migraines - Bursitis - Sports Injuries - Tennis Elbow - Tendinitis - Carpal Tunnel

Mental Health

Depression - Insomnia - ADD - ADHD - Stress - Anxiety - Addiction

Skin Conditions

Acne - Wrinkles -Hives - Eczema - Psoriasis - Itchiness - Dryness

Metabolism Disorders

Diabetes - Weight Control - Hyperthyroidism - Hypothyroidism

And More

A wide variety of conditions can be treated with natural remedies. If you’re curious about whether you could benefit from some natural solutions, give us a call or visit the store.